After selling the majority of what I brought to the Vintage Whites Market, I made plans, last Saturday, to go on a stock up shopping trip.  My shopping plan was a loose one that was subject to change with no notice and since I was the only one going, my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants style was just fine.  I only had one stop, that was a must, and timing was everything.

 I started out my shopping day later than I would have liked, but after the Vintage Whites Market, the next day clean up and organization that follows a market, then going straight into my “normal” 40 hour Monday through Friday work week, I was dead on my feet by Friday.  I got up that Saturday morning feeling blah but still made my coffee as fast as I could and was out the door.

 Junk Mobsters, Junk Addicts, Junk

First stop, my favorite thrift shops.  I love getting there before opening time for that big competitive rush.  Often, there will be conversations between those that are waiting about what they are shopping for- shoes, china, collectibles- everyone there knows exactly where they’re going inside the store and when the doors open, they make a mad dash inside.  On this particular morning, the doors were already open and I walked inside to join the crowd.  I walked straight back to the furniture section and found a little pedestal table past its prime and two wooden bar stools.  I could easily picture the makeover of all three pieces and bought them up fast before someone else claimed them.

Junk, Shopping Trip

Next up, I went to one of my favorite “hole in the wall” junk shop and was greeted like an old friend, when I stepped inside.  This particular place is known for the unique, one of a kind pieces.  It had been a while since I stopped in and there were treasures everywhere.  I fell in love with a large, old Toledo scale made of an aged gunmetal gray metal and knew I had to buy it.


 I always have antique little red wagons on my mental shopping list and I found not one but two.  There’s not a bit of plastic in sight on either one and the red paint is delightfully shabby and rusty.

Architectural Salvage

I will always love architectural salvage and I was so excited to see a wonderful shabby white front porch railing waiting outside obviously just for me.


 I swung home to check on my pooch and off I went for the only planned stop of the day- to see our favorite Little Old Lady.  I’ve had many requests for her picture and I wanted to talk with her about her own junk history.   I kept my fingers crossed the whole way, but when I drove past her junk shop to pull into a parking space, it was closed…I sent out good thoughts that all is well with her and drove on to the next stop.

I sometimes walk through a massive antique mall to get ideas and to see things that I might not have considered putting on my mental BOLO (Be On The Look Out) List.  As I was driving there, I caught sight of a hot pink poster stapled to a wooden stake waving in the wind, as I drove closer I squinted to see what it said.  I was almost past it by the time I could read it and all I needed to see was Estate Sale with an arrow and I was suddenly a race car driver.

estate sale

I yanked the steering wheel to the right and was off on the hunt for where this estate sale was located.  I tracked it down to a warehouse area, parked in the parking lot with a good amount of other cars and cautiously approached the door. I had never been to an estate sale held in a warehouse, but was up for an adventure.  I saw other people inside and stepped in.

The warehouse seemed to be filled with the leftovers of other estate sales.  Make no mistake, there were still good things to be found.  I sifted through vintage game sets- bingo, monopoly, dominoes- and picked out a complete bingo game.  I moved on through the big warehouse space and looked at still high price furniture and Victrola record players…and then I spotted some white china.

Ironstone creamer

Whether or not you are an Ironstone collector, when you spot Ironstone, you just know, upon sight, what it is.  It has a certain look.  I spotted a bunch of white china and rushed over to take a closer look.  Sure enough, a whole table of ironstone.  There were six teacups with matching saucers, a sugar bowl and creamer, two tureens…all at fantastic prices.  I looked around me for a box and started loading up all of the ironstone and carted it up to the cash register.  The kind lady rang me up and then announced that everything was half off.  I almost knocked the entire box of ironstone off the table as I ran around the table and hugged the startled lady.  I carried my loot to my very full car and off I went towards the antique mall.

Ironstone tureen

Ironstone Sugar Bowl


Bench Ironstone

I pulled into the very full parking lot, walked inside and saw the huge checkout line.   This place is massive and by the time you get done walking through it, you felt like you just fell down a rabbit hole and suddenly three hours of your life just up and disappeared.   The only thing worse, the huge checkout lines that prolongs the climb out of the rabbit hole.   I decided to only walk through a section of it as if that would somehow lessen what I might find and buy.

vintage globes

I came across a huge basket and a cane back settee…and I walked away from both.  That’s when I knew my attention span was gone and my eyes were glazed over.  I have been looking for a cane back settee for a while now and I just walked away from it, I was so tired I didn’t even take pictures of anything…I turned my back on a gorgeous huge old basket too, and, yet, I just didn’t care.  I trudged out of the antique mall, climbed into my car and caught sight of all of the treasures I found that day.  I smiled and thought, “What a great day.”