A Vintage DIY Wedding


A Vintage DIY Wedding

Once Operation Big Texas Secret was complete and everyone was in the know, the wedding planning began.

Are you the least bit surprised?!

My Mom, sister and I talked excitedly about all aspects of planning a wedding for hours.  It was a fragmented, disjointed, unorganized conversation full of interruptions and sudden ideas that would bubble up in the middle of someone else’s idea.  It was pure fun.

No decisions were made (or so I thought) but I did have some loose ideas that quickly dictated any future decisions for the wedding.

I did not want to spend the equivalent of a brand new car on a one day event.  Here are my two reasons for this particular parameter:  First, I just can’t do it.  The thought of spending a mountain of money for a wedding made me sick…and speaking of cars (AKA The Second Reason) I actually need a new/used truck or van for my antique, vintage and salvage business.

I quickly learned that it will take more planning, effort and energy to keep expenses down when it comes to a wedding and reception.  But when I thought about the extra work involved, instead of feeling frustrated or defeated, I actually started to get excited.  I love a good challenge and I was in the perfect position to pull this off.   I am creative and resourceful and permanently have my eye out for unique antique, vintage and salvage pieces.  If you are reading this blog post, I bet you are as well.

I thought hard about this challenge and came to the conclusion that I could and would be pulling this off.   I would be creating a Vintage DIY Wedding with the goal in mind to keep expenses as low as humanly possible, while presenting a vintage themed wedding and reception personalized to Mr. Old House Chic and I.

So, welcome to a new series:

The Vintage DIY Wedding.

Over the next year, give or take, I’ll be

asking, pleading and begging

for your

help, ideas, advice, suggestions, opinions and experiences.

In exchange, I’ll be sharing DIY projects and wedding plan updates.  I’ll take you along for adventures in shopping in out-of-the-way, hole-in-the-wall places to dig up the perfect wedding décor and the details and pictures if the picks I found.  Since mayhem, chaos and disaster is inevitable and will surely follow me along the way, I promise to share those moments, as well.

Here’s to a new adventure and an exciting journey through life…

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