Old House Chic began by rescuing antique and vintage elements salvaged from historic old homes in Texas. The demolition of these historic old homes was imminent and I had a limited amount of time before these homes were torn down to make way for progress. The history of these homes was valuable to me and I killed myself in the hot and humid Texas summer to save as much of this history as possible.

The day that these historic homes were demolished, I have to say, I might have gotten a little teary eyed. I stood by the pile of broken wood and brick and just stared. It took me a while to figure out why I was so upset. The pile wasn’t just lost opportunity and regret, it was, most importantly a pile of lost stories- all of the stories of those antique and vintage elements that were patiently waiting their turn to be rescued- they were now lost.

Waiting their turn? Yes, waiting their turn to tell their story. Old House Chic is in the business of rescuing stories.


This includes the architectural elements that have stood throughout time or the long forgotten objects that once graced these interiors and made it a home.

I will never know the reasons why a beautiful object was left behind, an old home was demolished or a unique curiosity waiting to be discovered never was, I only know that, through a serendipitous moment, I came upon these treasures to give them a second chance in a home once again. I valued the past chapters of history in each of these objects and am now creating a new chapter for the antique, the vintage, the salvaged.

“Old House Chic” is my favorite way to decorate: by adding history and old world charm to my home. Every time eyes fall upon pieces I rescued, salvaged and discovered, I get to tell my chapter of the story: a story of high adventure and intrigue, of avoiding wrecking balls and falling houses, of out running dump trucks and garbage men, of digging through piles to find that one special piece. It was worth all the sweat, dirt, bruises (and cussing) to preserve the story of a beautiful object and ensure that it lives on for another chapter.

The Old House Chic Blog began, in my mind, in 2010 after I almost fell off the roof of an abandoned old home. I was salvaging architectural pieces for my own old home and a creative business that, at that time, was just a thought and a vision. I remember sitting on the roof, breathing hard and thinking, “What am I doing?!” After catching my breath, I sat wondering if anyone else has felt this way: alone in pursuing a big dream and feeling a bit defeated, very doubtful, half crazed, but absolutely refusing to give up.

Four years later, The Old House Chic Blog has finally begun. Here you will find stories, successes and failures and lessons learned. Consider it an open invitation to the back door of Old House Chic LLC where we will gather to talk about creative businesses, fixing up homes, DIY projects, the fantastic world of antique, vintage and salvage treasures and everything in between.

Are you in?!