Makeover, Make over, Furniture makeover, DIY, antique wooden bench

In all of my shopping, I keep a running and ever evolving list of furniture to be on the lookout for or what I like to call my BOLO List.  One of the things I always watch for are wooden benches.  They are classic and fit into most home décor.  When I find them, the finish is usually past its prime but they have all been structurally sound.

Makeover, Make over, Furniture Makeover, DIY

I don’t usually strip and refinish the pieces I find- I paint them.  I will check over the piece and consider different options and the outcome of those options.  Do I want a peeling paint look?  If so, then I’ll go with a milk paint.  If I want a distressed look or a layered paint look, I’ll go with chalk paint.   Both kinds of paint also compliment the wood in different ways.  If a table top has surface scratches and scarring, I’ll highlight that with chalk paint.  If the wood is a gorgeous color and would look beautiful peeking through peeling paint, I’ll choose milk paint.  I have also found that if the furniture piece has acquired a textured patina, this is most beautifully highlighted by way of milk paint.  It completely depends on the furniture piece and your experience  as to which paint you might choose.

Most of the wooden benches I have come across have details to the spindles and scratches on the seat.   I wanted to add a worn finish that was also durable so that the customer who bought this bench would enjoy it for many more years.  I chose to use chalk paint and have gone with both a barn red color and on others a pure white.  I loved how both turned out.  I know white is most versatile but the cheery, sassy red was my favorite.

I mixed the chalk paint myself with the Old House Chic Chalk Paint Recipe that will be posted tomorrow in a new feature on the Old House Chic Blog called How To Saturdays.  I used a white chalk paint for this particular bench with a weathered painting style (that I can also feature on How To Saturdays if y’all want).

Here it is at the Vintage Whites Market right before it sold to a delightful lady…

Flea Market, Market, Flea Market Style, shabby wooden bench, white chalk paint, canvas art, junk, red herringbone blanket

Antique, Wooden Bench, Makeover, Make over, chalk paint, homemade chalk paint, DIY, chalk paint


  1. Sharon
    January 23, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    Looks great. Can’t wait to read How to Saturdays!

    • bernadette
      January 24, 2015 at 12:04 pm

      Sharon- Thank so much! The very first How To Saturday is up and running!

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