Lock Bridge While I was walking through my market space answering questions and pricing things I forgot to mark, I noticed a mom and daughter combo looking at some vintage and antique padlocks.

I saw the daughter pick up a padlock and key set and set it down… and pick it up again. The price was a bit steep and I was ready to encourage a spirited round of back and forth haggling over the price.   I stepped towards the daughter and told her that I had just heard a radio story about a bridge in Paris.

Lock Bridge2

No one seems to know how it started but padlocks began to appear on the fences of bridges all over Paris.  These bridges became known as the Love Lock Bridges or just Lock Bridges. Couples, the world over, would go to these bridges and attach their padlock to the bridge. Some would take their one and only key to their padlock and throw it into the Seine River below while others chose to keep the key and wear it. This was supposed to signify the couples’ unending love for each other. Sigh…how romantic.

Hey, what about all the single people out there?! Don’t worry, there is a place for everyone on these bridges and a good amount of the locks hanging from the bridges belong to a single person. The vow of these single owner locks is simply that they promise to love themselves or least pledge to learn to do so… a noble vow we should all work on.

When I mentioned the bridge to my customer, her head whipped around and her eyes lit up. “I’m going to Paris!  I’m going to that bridge!” Seriously, what are the odds? (This kind of thing happens to me all the time so I don’t know why I was surprised.) She then told me that she’s been looking for a padlock that has a key and is “perfect.” What is perfect? Perfect means you know it when you see it.  In other words, this padlock set just found its destiny.

I took the padlock from her and looked at it for a minute and told her to take it. She looked at me questioningly. I love coincidences like this and I try to always stay open and welcoming to these small bits of life when they are presented to me. Sometimes when I am a witness to something extraordinary, I throw out a thank you, to no one in particular, for the gift of that experience. I told her that if she wanted to trade for the padlock, I would be so very happy if she sent me pictures of the lock, now hers, on the bridge. The mother daughter combo promised- no, I would say it was a solid swear- that they would send me pictures and off they went.

A few weeks later I received an email.

Lock Bridge3

“As promised, pictures from the lock bridge… It was absolutely beautiful and a few days after I was there, a section of the bridge collapsed. Thank you so much for the lock!”

No, thank you.


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