After faking rust and weathered paint,

I had finally arrived at the point of adding clock numbers.  I went back and forth, back and forth between numbers and roman numerals.  I told myself that I had an old, outdoor metal table top waiting in the wings to use numbers on and made the final decision of roman numerals on this clock face.

I used Microsoft Word and printed off an I, V and an X at a size of 300.  I used regular paper, but found it was too thin for tracing.  Next time I would go with a card stock.

Roman Numerals 1

I used a regular mechanical pencil and, after finding where the 12, 3, 6 and 9 would be positioned, traced the roman numerals onto the surface of the clock face.

tracing numbers on the Giant Clock face


drawing numbers on the giant clock face

After tracing all 12 roman numerals onto the surface of the giant clock face, I used the same black chalk paint that I painted onto my giant clock hands, made from The Old House Chic Chalk Paint Recipe.   I used a fine paint brush to fill in each number, not worrying too much about creating crisp, perfect lines.

roman numerals on the giant clock face

Once every roman numeral was filled in with black chalk paint, I gave it plenty of drying time- a day would be an ample amount of time.  I just happen to give my roman numerals a week to dry due to that normal 40 hour job getting in the way.

Sanded numerals

When I was finally able to get back to my giant clock face project, I used a 150 grit piece of sand paper to give the black paint of the roman numerals a worn and aged look, as well.  I got kind of carried away and sanded the whole face and the clock hands, too.  The more I sanded, although lightly, the more I liked the textured and rust peeking through.

I stepped back and looked at my giant clock face and decided it needed a little extra something….

Don’t miss the extra something in

The DIY Giant Clock Face Final Reveal!

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