I recently participated in an antique, vintage and salvage market as a vendor.  As I was preparing for the market, I decided to take a chance and conduct a style experiment.  My experiment consisted of choosing one of two styles that I seem to swing between or mix together.

Farmhouse Style

The first is the Farmhouse style.


Farmhouse Style

My Farmhouse style could be described as old wooden tables with either chunky wood turned legs or straight legs, painted or left natural…


…enamelware, wooden shelves, pressed tin pie safes and wire baskets, old signs and cast iron pans.

Farmhouse Style

Bead board hutches and aged white walls,

Antique Farmhouse Hutch

The second type of style is

the Industrial Romance style.

My version of the Industrial Romance style is weathered black or white tables…

Antique French Script Table

rolling industrial carts and baker’s racks, old leather suitcases…

industrial, metal, cart, latest love, antique, vintage, salvage

French Tea Cart

…rusty alarm clocks, antique binoculars, aged books, giant metal clock faces and antique typewriters…

French Script on Antique Pedestal Table

…and typography- lots and lots of typography painted on everything.

For the first market, I decided to go with the Farmhouse style.   I brought enamel topped tables with shabby peeling painted wooden legs with pine wood hutches and bead board shelves.  I had two large farmhouse tables with a weathered white painted finish.

Red toolbox

I brought a metal shelf to top an old wooden work bench and an old cubby to sit on a cute little side table.  I had Ironstone, old kitchen tins, suitcases and smalls throughout my market space….and of course, the bright cherry red Hoosier Cabinet.  It was a great look and it was the worst I’ve ever done at any market I’ve participated in…even my very first one.

There are so many variables as to what can happen at a market- the economy, abrupt changes in trends- but until now, it had not happened to me.  I was used to and spoiled by wild selling success and got my first taste of mediocre success.

But, hey, success is success, right?!  I begrudgingly reminded myself of my experiment and told myself that I still did well.  I tried something a bit different and it wasn’t well received so shake it off, I told myself, and finish the experiment.

DIY, Metal Clock Face, Giant Clocjk Face

For the last part of my experiment and for the next market, I’ll be fully into Industrial Romance mode.   The giant clock face featured in last week’s series DIY Giant Clock Face Project, will be there…

French Graffiti Table

French Graffiti Table

 …as well as, the French typography Table and French Graffiti Table that were a hit last year.  I’ll be bringing a big factory cart and a wooden cart full of locker bins.  I’ll have a giant atrium, old metal bird cages, rustic wooden crates, old sewing machines and typewriters.

I’m hoping for wild success again with the last half of my style experiment…

Which one do you like more?  The Farmhouse style or Industrial Romance?


  1. Fonda Rush
    Fonda RushReply
    May 30, 2015 at 2:27 am

    I guess I straddle the two styles. To single it out, I don’t like writing on my tables or other stuff. I would probably have been equally as happy to shop either set-up, but I’m not an especially big buyer. I don’t go for trends much, but so many people do. I don’t watch for trends, but I might spot them — eventually — like scales or bread boards, but I can’t think of anything else right off hand. I think you might drive yourself crazy trying to second guess what the people who come to the shows want. And, what was a hit last year may not necessarily draw a crowd this year. I think the ultimate experiment would be to set up two different booths at the same show and see what happens then, but that probably won’t be a likely scenario. Best wishes to you, though, no matter what you choose to bring!

    • Bernadette
      June 4, 2015 at 9:12 am

      Fonda- I love this comment you left and the idea of having two separate market spaces to conduct a really solid experiment. I decided- just as you suggested- to settle on a style and what was “me” and go with it. The last hurtle of that process was which one of the two styles? Farmhouse? Industrial Romance? I can tell you that, as of this comment, I had a lot more fun prepping for this upcoming market with the Industrial Romance theme than I did for the last one with the Farmhouse theme…can’t wait to see what happens!

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