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With the rust and pitted texture phase, also known as Faking It: Rust of the DIY Giant Clock Face complete, I moved my Giant Clock Face Project inside.

I laid plastic over my dining room table, taped it down and put my clock face on top of it.

I was now ready to move on to phase two of my giant clock face project, also known as-

Faking It:  Weathered Paint.

I was looking to add a final top layer of worn and weathered white paint that looked as if it had been subjected to the sun, heat, rain, snow, sleet, and cold…okay fine, a tornado, too.

I mixed up the Old House Chic DIY Chalk Paint Recipe by using a cheap, stark white paint.  I made sure to make the paint recipe on the thicker side.

The look I was hoping for was a top layer of white paint that was aged with plenty of rust peeking through from underneath.

After first trying to use a stencil brush and not liking the results, I tried a wash cloth next for a ragging type of affect.  Nope, not what I was hoping for either…what I needed was a sponge.


I thought back to where I had seen one in the house and sprinted towards the bathroom where I unearthed a sea sponge that was given to Mr. Old House Chic as a… gift?  I called him up and asked if I could use it and that he probably would not be wanting it back by the time I was done with it.  I got the go ahead and I was off and running again.

I ripped biscuit sized chunks off of the big natural sponge.  I did not wet it before lightly dabbing it on the surface of my tub of Old House Chic DIY Chalk Paint.  I then dabbed it lightly over the surface of my developing clock face. The motion I used was straight down with the sponge to the surface and straight back up.  I dabbed it this way and that way, covering places where coverage wasn’t enough while keeping in mind that I wanted the worn white top layer.


Once I was done, I made myself walk away and let that layer dry completely.   I came back the next day and inspected my clock face and decided I needed to add more white to the first white layer- it was too faint.  On this second round of the white layer, I dabbed my sponge chunk into the paint a little more and added a thicker layer.  I didn’t worry about raised paint places, any extra texture I got from the chalk paint was welcome.

Here’s a close up of the second layer of white paint:

close up of white layer of giant clock face

White paint layer of Giant Clock Face

The process for the giant clocks hands was the same, except for the paint color  I chose to mix a black chalk paint to use for the two clock hands.

Rust Paint Hands

Next up, the final step of the DIY Giant Clock Face-

adding numbers

to the DIY Giant Clock Face.

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