French Table, Furniture makeover, Old House Chic Chalk Paint Recipe

I had this table stashed on my garage for a while before I decided what to do with it. Sometimes, when I come across certain pieces, I have to think on it for a while.  I wait for inspiration to strike and it took a while for this one…

French Table Before

I didn’t feel like I should go with a fancy script or create an ornate look. I decided to stay simple and classic by highlighting the beautiful qualities- wonderfully shaped legs with little metal casters on each one.  It had such a graceful shape and deserved a fancy, but simple, makeover.

I used the Old House Chic Chalk Paint Recipe featured in the first ever How To Saturdays and mixed a DIY charcoal black chalk paint.  I used two coats for sanding purposes- I wanted a silken feel to the paint surface.

I decided to only distress the edges of the piece which turned out to be a perfect choice for those “look at me” legs that tapered down to the dainty little casters.

Here’s how it turned out…

French Table Details-After

French Table Makeover-After

After it was finished and ready to go, a retailer snapped it up and decided to put it front and center of her store to best showcase the legs and little casters.  It didn’t last long…it’s the simple things that will reach out and grab you…

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