furniture makeover

In preparation of an upcoming market, I needed to add a little “something” to a plain, little white painted wooden shelf.   I picked the shelf up at a thrift shop and quickly painted it a stark whitebecasue I needed it ASAP.  It had no back to it and wasn’t much of an attention grabber.  I needed it, though, for display purposes and used it for several markets.   The shelf, and its price tag, were overlooked and didn’t sell at the end of market season.

I couldn’t let go of it though, by way of putting on the curb with a free sign or donating it back to the thrift shop, because of the potential it had to be something really neat.   The little white shelf waited patiently in the back of my garage where I stuffed it after making a mental note to add a little something to it.

 Last week I dug the shelf out of the garage, dusted it off and stared at it.  The little white shelf needed a back to it and it needed to be interesting.

furniture makeover

I dug around my supply of architectural salvage waiting for inspiration to strike when my eyes landed on some old bead board salvaged out of a demolished house.  I had several odd lengths of dusty light blue, cottage green and old white painted bead board sitting around but didn’t have enough of the three colors to use on a project of any size.

I also had several packages of new bare pine wood bead board.   I dug out all the old bead board I had and began laying the boards side by side on the ground.

The light blue, sage green, old white looked like it belonged in a Texas Cottage interior- feminine, yet rustic.  I was so pleased with my Texas Cottage paint combination that had just developed before my eyes but I still didn’t have enough to cover the entire back of the little white shelf.  I pulled out some new pine wood bead board and added it to my Texas Cottage color scheme- and thought, “Hang on, little white shelf, you’re about to get a super star makeover!”

I used a nail gun with fine finishing nails to attach the pieces of bead board that I had cut to length not worrying too much about gaps and fit.  The result?

Rustic loveliness.

furniture makeover

furniture makeover



furniture makeover

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