Going on an Adventure…


wpid-wp-1414109048548.jpegMy mom and I have been planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands, for a year and a half now, and today we leave for our grand adventure.

We will be going to a market in Ecuador, hike among the blue footed boobies, sit with the tortoises and snorkle with the sea lions.  It’s a trip of a lifetime and you better believe there will be a million pictures.

I have blog posts that should automatically appear on the day that I arranged them to magically show up, but should they not, I will start posting again on November 4th.

I have so enjoyed all of your comments as fellow junkies and wish that I could respond as all of your wit and humor rolls in.  I will be on top of it all on November 4th and can’t wait to tell you about two things that will be starting on the Old House Chic Blog when I return.

Until then, Happy Junking!

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