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Before we get to this Saturday’s How To, I wanted to ask if anyone tried The Old House Chic Chalk Paint Recipe?  How did it go?!  I’m dying to know and see what projects you might’ve used this homemade paint recipe on!  C’mon!  Show off your projects!

For this How To Saturday, I wanted to build on the Old House Chic Chalk Paint Recipe by giving you the techniques and tutorial to get this look yourself. DIY, Junk Addicts, Junk Addicts Unite, Junk Addicts Unite Monthly Giveaway, Giveaway, Chalk Paint, Barn Wood, Furniture PaintingMake it yourself

How To Saturdays:  How to get the Barn Wood Look Part #1

This is a two part technique I developed just for my Farmhouse Table Project from Hell to make new wood look old.

The two parts include:

 1.  Creating a Chalk Paint Wash for the under coat

2.  Creating a weathered Chalk Paint for the top coat

If you’ve read my series, Me versus My Project, you might be familiar with my battle with the Farmhouse Table I built from scratch.  I built my table out of brand new pine wood not authentic salvaged barn wood as one might do with an extra several hundred dollars just sitting around.  Let me just say this: authenticity is expensive.  Since my intent for The Farmhouse Table Project was to show all of my readers that you, too, could build a farmhouse table from scratch (Ha! How much did that backfire?!), I was also trying to keep the final cost of the project under $100.  That ruled out authenticity and I had to come up with a way to make my new wood look old.

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When you think about old wood salvaged from any number of places, it will be one of three things- a dark chestnut brown, a silvery gray or one of those two colors with a peeling layer of paint on top of it.

Weathered wood

In order to replicate the dark brown or silvery gray, I had to choose which look I wanted.  I decided on the silvery gray with a weathered layer of crisp white paint on top.  Next, I had to decide on the color of gray.  There are so many choices of gray but luckily I still had my paint chip sample board from my French Graffiti Table Project to compare and contrast the different grays.

Chalk paint, milk paint, Martha Stewart, Annie Sloan

  I settled on a bluish gray to simulate the silvery blue tone that comes out in graying weathered wood.

I mixed the gray chalk paint, following the Old House Chic Chalk Paint Recipe.  Once the gray chalk paint was mixed up I added water to the gray chalk paint until it was the consistency of orange juice.  I used this consistency of gray chalk paint wash on bare wood.  If you are using it on a finished furniture piece, add less water to the gray chalk paint mixture.  The consistency you’ll be looking for is similar to half and half for your coffee.  It’s all about food, in case you didn’t notice…

Old House Chic Chalk Paint Recipe

Paint your piece as if you were painting a wall.  Your coverage should be 100%.  You should be able to see the grain of the wood through the layer of chalk paint wash.

Chalk Paint, DIY, Farmhouse Table, Barnwood look, Barn wood

Coming up next Saturday on the How To Saturdays: Completing your Barn Wood Look by creating a weathered chalk paint top coat!

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