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I have a mental sticky note in my head of all the things I look for when out junk shopping.

Some things come and some things go on the list but not wooden or metal carts.

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At Texas Antique Week, I saw carts everywhere I went.  Weathered wooden ones with rusted nail holes, gouges and lots of wood grain that only age can provide that kind of personality.


I came across rusty metal industrial carts that had pitted metal with remnants of bright yellow or red peeling paint.

Metal cart

Each and every cart had casters or wheels- that can’t be bought in stores anymore.  Big factory wheels or little metal wheels- unless you take them off an old cart to use for your project- they just aren’t available, unless you are ready to pay quite a bit for them.  I imagine that if I went to Texas Antique Week with a trailer, most of it would be filled with carts.

 wooden cart

I love the thought of using a cart as part of your home décor- as a sofa table, as a side table, as a buffet. How about using a cart as a bar with other vintage objects like a liquor sign, vintage glasses and old spirits bottles?

Little carts could find their place in a kitchen as a vintage recipe book holder.


The most imaginative use of a cart that I saw at Texas Antique Week was a large metal and wooden floral cart used to ship large amounts of flowering bulbs out of Holland.  It was upcycled into a love seat!


Let me know what you think of metal and wooden carts!  Have you added them to your own list of Latest Loves yet?!

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