I have a core list of Latest Loves that should actually be called Chronic Infatuations.  This is how much I love this category of junk.

To make this particular short list of Latest Loves, it has to be at the level of awesome stuff that I would use, install, or incorporate into whatever I was building, creating, upcycling or buying.

  Tricycle Wheels

This is how I feel about casters- or wheels- on anything.

I love them on furniture, on little red wagons, on shelving units like the Big Beasts

Big Beast Industrial Shelving

metal casters, industrial, Latest Loves

If I’m on the fence about buying a specific piece and it has wheels, I’m sold.  I might choose to remove the wheels and use them for something else, and I have a whole box of them just waiting to be used for the right project.

Metal Wood Casters

I love the dainty little wooden wheels on a gorgeous Victorian Vanity, the white porcelain wheels on old oak pedestal tables and the large chunky metal casters on large pieces like these rolling industrial shelves.    I love new wheels as well, like these bright cherry red rubber casters that I put on the farmhouse table I built.

 Red Casters

I love the idea of putting casters on unexpected things like an old foot locker, suitcases or baskets or on old  treasures to make chicken crates into coffee tables.

I could go on and on about how much I love casters…how about you?

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