Flea Market

May seems to be the starting point month for most market seasons everywhere.  Flea markets, rummage sales, garage sales and estate sales, antique shows and junk extravaganzas- they all seem to start when spring is headed into summer and continues until the fall.

 flea market

I love this season.  I love selling at markets.  I get to meet some of you, my readers, and I get to connect with junk addicts and devotees that come out to shop through all of the good stuff.  I get to giggle with readers when they say, “Is that Mr. Old House Chic?!” and I laugh when they bring up a funny story that I told in which he was the unwitting main character.   I get to hear about fantastic adventures you will be going on soon and sometimes I receive emails later with promised photos from faraway places.  I get to talk about how I made or painted something or where I found a particular treasure and you get to talk about your ideas or a latest project your working on.  I get to encourage those of you who are interested in selling at markets or want to start a creative business…and I get encouragement from each of you when you arrive in my market space and exclaim, like a long lost friend, “I read your blog!”  Y’all are awesome and you energize me and give me hope that there are more readers out there than my mom, my sister and our two dogs .

 flea market

When April hits, the countdown to crunch time begins.  All of the planning, prepping, building and makeovers kicks into high gear and I’m moving through the month like a mad woman.  My head spins with sudden thoughts of inspiration and I often become the person that leaves her keys in the door to the house, all night long, and then race around in the morning frantically looking for them.  Seriously.

But it’s all worth it because when it comes together, when a beautiful pop up retail space is created and the first customer walks into my space adn buys the first of many fantastic pieces and flea market fever hits…

Let Market Season Begin!

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