I was finally able to catch my breath after being a vendor at the Vintage Whites Market in Loveland, Colorado. Here’s a recap of some of the treasures from my market space…

Chalkboard, Chalkboard Art, Chalk board, Market, Flea Market, Flea Market Style, Vintage Whites Market

I found this vintage chalkboard and asked Kaylie Hall of 68 Designs to create a chalkboard art logo on it.  I absolutely love how it turned out.  Look for the makeover on this one soon.

market, vintage bingo cards, flea market, flea market style

I had plenty of vintage bingo cards…

Red, Vintage, Antique, Alarm Clock, Flea Market, Market, Flea Market Style

I fell in love with this little vintage alarm clock.  It fits easily in the palm of your hand and found a new home right after the market started.

Flea Market, Market, Flea Market Style, Ironstone, Ironstone teacup, scrabble pieces

I created a candy shop type theme and had jars of smalls such as scrabble pieces.  I also displayed smalls in antique Ironstone teacups…

Candy Bags, Logo, Branding, Market, Flea Market, Flea Market Style

As part of my Candy Shop theme, I had cute little paper candy bags for customers to place their smalls.  If my customer’s purses are anything like my own bottomless pit, I wanted to offer a way to prevent their carefully picked treasures from being swallowed up never to be found again.

Glass Jar, Candy Jar, Vintage wooden blocks, Flea market, market, Flea Market style

I had multiple small, medium and large glass candy jars full of odds and ends like these little wooden blocks.

Flea Market, Market, Flea Market Style, Ironstone, Ironstone Teacup, wooden dominoes

These wonderfully aged wooden dominoes looked so cute in their own Ironstone teacups…

Flea Market, Market, Flea Market Style, French Tart Tin, Antique, vintage, Old House Chic Business cards

I realized that I had sold all of my business card holders at the last market of the season last year but these Antique French Tart Tins saved the day…yum…fruit tarts!

French script, Flea Market, Market, Flea Market Style, red, canvas art

I went out on a limb and created these French script canvas art pieces.  I thought they looked pretty with the red and white vintage bowling pins, all held in a giant galvanized metal wash tub.

Flea Market, Market, Flea Market Style, bowling pins, metal suitcase, Fairbanks scale

I brought an ancient Fairbanks scale made of cast iron and the oldest wood that was so full of character.  I was actually sad to see it go…but then I remember all of the foul language both Mr. Old House Chic and I used, in our efforts to get it out of the bed of his truck, and waved it goodbye.

If you would like to see more pictures of the Vintage Whites Market and my market space, you can visit my Instagram page here.

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