Farmhouse Table, Grudge Match, Old House Chic Project

Ever had one of those projects that seemed so, so, SO simple starting out and it just spiraled into something resembling a grudge match?  You, on one side of the ring (having completely lost your mind) and your project in the other corner (knowing you have completely lost your mind.)

You are staring it down with total determination and your project is staring right back, sneering at you.  Goading you.  Giving you the “bring it on” hands as if to say, “Waiting on you, dumpling.”  Exuding total confidence that the project will be victorious in eating up and spitting out many more weekends.  “Got anymore Band-Aids?”, the project snarled, “You’re gonna need ’em, girl.”

Farmhouse Table, Grudge Match, Old House Chic Project

My project started out innocently enough: I wanted to make a farmhouse table from beginning to end.

Ana White, Country Living, Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table. Photo by Country Living and featured on

I had several goals in mind with making this table-I needed a table with a specific look for a display for an upcoming January market, The Vintage Whites Market,  in which I will be participating.

I also wanted to use it to show that anyone can do this- the shopping, the cutting the putting together- every part of it- and it could be done on a budget.

I tried to find the table I was looking for a thrift stores, antique and vintage shops, junk rummages and second hand home improvement type places.  I just couldn’t find the table that matched the picture I had in my head or what I wanted.  So, I decided to build it from scratch.

Ana  White, Farmhouse Table

Farmhouse Table Plans courtesy of Ana White.

I found the table by way of some plans I came across on Pinterest and set out to start my project…having no idea what I was in for…

Welcome to the Grudge Match.

Next up: Round One of me versus my project.


  1. Nikki Glover
    December 20, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    I’ve had a few projects that started with me feeling smug and superior and ended with the piece beating me to within an inch of my life! Looking forward to reading your blog! x

    • bernadette
      December 29, 2014 at 7:00 pm

      Nikki- You would think that I would have learned by now, but no. I was so smug and so so so superior and my table project beat the humble right back into me! Thank so much for taking the time to leave a comment and welcome to the Old House Chic Blog!

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