Texas Antique Week MapsMy day started out at 3:00 this morning, when my alarm went off.  I actually sat up and thought, “What is that?!”  Nothing on this earth needed to be making a single sound at that time of the night…or early morning and it took me a minute to figure out what that rude, obnoxious, violent inducing, horrible, sleep interrupting sound.

I hit all kinds of buttons on my phone to shut it up, almost drifting back to sleep when I had a thought that made my eyes snap wide open and the magic of awake shoot through my body:  Operation Texas Antique Week starts as soon as I could climb out of bed!

I thought back to the time when the thought “I could do that!  I could go to Texas Antique Week!”  to now when planning was becoming actual doing.

Texas Antique Week

When I thought about it, there’s not much to the “doing.”  It meant getting up early, picking up my fabulous junk adventuring side kick, Kaylie Hall of 68 Designs, getting on a cheap flight to Texas, flying to my Mama’s house, getting up the next morning drive to the Round Top and Warrenton area of the Texas Hill Country and junk shop until we are in a state of obscene junk intoxication.  Not much to do, right?

The part that really took a lot of thought was the reason why I’m going.  Yes, there is the Junk Addiction and the fact that there is no doubt that I will see the coolest junk around at Texas Antique Week.

Texas Antique Week

But the biggest reason?  I want to join in the craziness.  I want to be a part of the Junk Circus, too.  The thought of getting to participate and be a vendor/seller of fine junk in the Texas Hill Country makes me so excited that I just can’t wait to get in the car and go.

 So, I’m going down to Texas Antique Week to fall face first into Junk Heaven and to see if I can claim a part of that for myself…


If you have never heard of Texas Antique Week but are now intrigued, if you have heard of Texas Antique Week but have never had a chance to go or if a trip to Texas Antique Week is on your bucket list for the future- stay tuned this week.

I’ll be posting an insane amount of pictures of this epic road trip, junk shopping and all the creative and inspiring genius vendors and customers we met along the way on Facebook and Instagram and will try my best to have some blog posts up later this week.

Next week, I will give all the details about this amazing trip, share all the fabulous junk I saw, found and bought and answer any questions you might have.

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