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What is a Junk Addict?!
Junk Addicts are addicted to antique, vintage, salvage and everything in between, better known as junk. Just as addicting is the zing we feel when we rescue junk. The zing is our creative engines firing up with unique ideas for the outcome of our beautiful junk.

What’s with the boxing gloves?
The vintage look boxing gloves represent the reasons behind why you must rescue that piece of junk, complete that project, protect your ideas, keep your focus. It’s about believing in what you’re doing and the reasons why you’re doing it- maybe your vision has to do with that one project or a series of them, maybe you want to quit your day job and start a business, maybe you want to be a vendor at a market or sell online, maybe you want a blog or website, maybe you want to write a book or have a little shop, maybe you want to start an entire movement.

Whatever our hopes and dreams are, we fight for them because we know that it is just a matter of time before those hopes and dreams become our reality. It’s called vision, your vision, and we fight fiercely to protect it from others and from our own self doubt and we will keep on fighting for it until there is no more fighting to do. The boxing gloves represent everything that you should be proud of, no matter where you are in your particular fight.

If these are strong words for a simple T-shirt and you’re a little lost, check out the blog posts at for the full stories of how this t-shirt came to be…

The Junk Addicts Unite T-shirt:
-Comes in sizes Medium, Large, XL, XXL
-Unisex fit
-Preshrunk cotton
-Charcoal colored
-Cherry red design

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