The Junk Addicts Monthly Giveaway- April

April’s Junk Addicts Unite Monthly Giveaway topic was “My Junk Shopping List.”  I picked this month’s topic because of the shopping frenzy I’ve been on this month in preparation of the start of market season.    As it so happens, my Junk Shopping List is a mile long, ever changing and constantly being added to.   I might be looking for old metal skeleton keys, but then see metal numbered laundry pins and I’m instantly in love.

When I posted April’s JAU Monthly giveaway topic, I had several replies posted fairly soon after.

One of those comments was from

Amy Kozdron of The Pink Attic Cat

a lovely antique, vintage and salvage shop in Littleton, Colorado.   Amy’s Junk Shopping List was unique enough that I, myself, was introduced to new items to add to my own list such as black and white restaurant ware and small painted little wooden German people.

I met Amy at my very first market when I was a nervous wreck and didn’t know if I belonged among the veteran antique, vintage and salvage vendors.  Amy made a point to approach me and tell me that I had great stuff and to not cheat myself by not standing my ground when it comes to the haggling part of selling.  I remember that Amy was intense when she approached me and said these things with a firm tone like a Mama does right before her daughter goes to Prom with a questionable date.   That bit of kindness gave me the confidence to settle down and not feel like I was about to burst into tears.   Amy is the reason that I held my head high, even though I obviously had so much to learn.  It’s ridiculous that, even though we live in the same area of Colorado, I still haven’t taken her to lunch to say a heartfelt thank you.

So, for the April Junk Addicts Unite Monthly Giveaway, Amy is the winner of the Junk Addicts Unite t-shirt and the recipient of my endless thanks for sensing the need for kindness and giving Mama Bear type of advice.

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