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The winner of the Junk Addicts Unite Giveaway is…

So, can I just say, first, that the drawing of the giveaway winner was completely random… but is anything in life ever really random?

I believe not.

I met this Junkie through the comments she left and it made me proud that my little blog has followers that are funny, creative and so inspiring.

I cannot be a bigger champion for the person that has a fight they are trying to win and is unwillingly to give up no matter what.  It doesn’t matter what that fight is- an illness, unhappiness, completing a goal, fulfilling a dream- all fights are important and being unrelenting in our journey towards victory should be celebrated.

So, I want to celebrate the winner of the Junk Addicts Unite Giveaway…

Sandy C., (the Joan of Arc of Junk) is our winner and she wrote this in one of her comments:

“I am a former director of a non-profit that helped women transition from poverty to self-sufficiency. It was awesome to watch the transformations and new lives begin. Due to health reasons I had to resign. I’ve been searching for that new vision, purpose and fulfillment. I know it has something to do with my love for antiques, repurposing junk, art, selling stuff I’ve inherited or maybe something else. I’m struggling…but I’m NOT throwing in my boxing gloves!”

I was humbled in further conversations with Sandy and appreciated the perspective she gave me in her wise words that she shared so freely.

Congrats, Sandy!

Thanks to each of you for your comments- both funny and insightful- and for spreading the word about that junk addicted little blog over on the Old House Chic Website dedicated to all the crazy, warped and seriously awesome Junkies out there.  Y’all are wonderful.

P.S.: If you just have to have a Junk Addicts Unite t-shirt, but didn’t luck out in winning it, there’s hope!  Click here to get yourself decked out in the best junk hunting uniform out there.



  1. Sandy
    November 21, 2014 at 9:31 pm

    Woohooo! Thank you! I will wear my shirt with great pride! What a fun blessing!
    ——-Junk Addicts Unite!——–

  2. Carol Leslie
    November 25, 2014 at 11:35 am

    Congratulations Sandy!

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