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Welcome to the Junk Drunk Link Party!

I was a little lonely last Friday and wound up junkin’ at the party by myself.

Since I can’t feature any of your fantastic projects, I’ll share one of my own with you…

Furniture Makeover, Link Party, Drop Leaf Table

I found this beautiful antique wooden drop leaf table a while back and held on to it for a while.  I was trying to find the perfect use for it- should I paint it?  Should I leave it as is?  The wood was a warm stain and was smooth to the touch from years and years and years of use.

I debated for a while and decided to give the table a light white wash so that the paint would settle into the wood and highlight the grain.

I was beautiful, but I felt like it needed something more.

I had been tempted to try a new design and created this banner by cutting it out of paper.  I traced the template onto the table top with a pencil and painted it white.  I faded the white in some places to give it a wavy and worn look.  I was aiming for a raised, almost 3D type of look for the banner.

Drop Leaf Table Banner Graphic

Next up, I traced the words “Joie de Vivre” within the banner.  This is a French phrase which translates to mean “the joy of life” or “the spice of life.”  I chose a bright, barn red, my go to choice for anything that needs to be painted red.  I carefully painted in each letter.  Here’s how it turned out…

Furniture Makeover, Link Party,  Junk Drunk


…I fell in love with it.  This table gave me such a happy feeling, such a sense of adventure just waiting to happen.

I took it to a market and displayed it with sassy red objects all around it, including these red metal stools…

Drop Leaf Table Makeover AFTER

Furniture Makeover, Link Party, Junk Drunk

Furniture Makeover, Link Party, Junk Drunk

While at the market, I was approached by a college student who was heading off to her first year of school.  She was hopping up and down and told me that she was so excited that she had found THE perfect table for where she would be living.  “Has that table already been sold?!” She stared into my eyes with so much hope and I told her that it must’ve been waiting for her because I can’t think of anyone more perfect for the “joy of life” table to go to than her.  She shrieked and almost knocked Mr. Old House Chic down in an attempt to pay for it.

So, now it’s your turn!  Submit your links for a project involving junk that you completed!  Let us oh and ah over your genius with junk!

If you need a reminder of what “Junk Drunk” means, click here.

If you are a sidelines participant and just want to read about other’s projects, leave a comment and encourage your fellow Junkies!

Ready to party?  Can you answer these questions:

 1.  Found a beaten up old chest of drawers on a curb?  A wornout table at the thrift shop?  An unwanted chair in a dumpster?  How about a diamond in the rough on CraigsList?   A piece of salvage at a demolition site?  An unlikely and upcycle worthy object?


2. Did you makeover that chest of drawers from the curb?  Refinish or refurbish the thrift store table?  Fix up that unwanted chair?  Create a new life for your CraigsList item?  Saved your salvage? Upcycled your object to the totally unique?

Then c’mon already! Submit your link or leave a comment, either way, let make this a great get together!

Here’s a bit of small print:

1.  Old House Chic reserves the right to delete any post that does not fall into the above parameters or detracts from the antique, vintage, salvage, junk, upcycling and restoration community on the Old House Chic website.
2.  Please use your link to your post (permalink), not the link to your blog home page.
3.  The Junk Drunk Link Party will close on Fridays at 8:00 pm.
4.  After the close of each Junk Drunk Link Party, I will choose my favorite picks and feature them in next week’s Junk Drunk Link Party.Questions?  Contact Old House Chic at

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