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Welcome to The Junk Drunk Link Party and happy junk to you!

I would love to see your junk transformations so get to submitting them at the bottom of this post!  If you have a great project to brag about but don’t want to deal with posting a link, send me your project pictures and write up and I’ll submit it for you.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Since I’ve become a master at partying with myself, I’ve got a great junk transformation for you.

junk, lumber, wood, DIY

Since we all know that I can’t measure accurately to save my life, my scrap pile of wood from my farmhouse table project grew to rival any mountain.  I never seem to throw anything out (I might need it!) and I just knew that I would find a use for my scraps of wood at some later date.

junk, lumber, wood, DIY

This need cam sooner rather than later when I decided that I wanted to create multiple stools to use in a tablescape.  Don’t know what a tablescape is?  It is the display you create on top of your table for a holiday, for a birthday, or special occasion.  My tablescape was for a special occasion- a market in which I would attend as a vendor.

I wanted to create a “candy shop” type theme.  I came across a bunch of matching jars and placed all kinds of “smalls” inside each one.  Each jar had a sassy red ribbon and was labeled with a cute hang tag.  My only problem?  I had so many jars- large, medium and small that they would disappear in a sea of jars.  I’m not by any means a designer, but I knew I needed height and variety.  I needed pedestals, or maybe a riser.   A cake stand? I came across some metal white and red metal cake stands but the price was too expensive for how many I wanted.   Cost was a factor and, unless I could sell it the pedestals or cake stands, I would be losing money on displays and props.   What could I use?  I thought about it through the evening and went to bed while looking all over Pinterest for ideas.

In the middle of the night- yes, genius strikes at any moment regardless of your need for sleep- the idea hit.  What about making little stools?  I fully woke up and sat up in bed.  Stools!  I could make all different sizes, shapes and heights of stools!  None matching but all having similar looks!  I scrambled for my pen and paper that I keep on the side of the bed for just these moments and started scribbling my thoughts down.

“What are you doing?!” a grumpy Mr. Old House Chic voice came at me.  “Stools!”  I said as an answer that sounded like a perfect explanation to me.  I guess it was Mad Hatter crazy enough explanation that the conversation was put to rest right there.

The next day, I pounced on my scrap wood pile and found exactly what I was looking for.  I became a mad scientist as I created a quick sketch of the different stools and got to work.

I made five quick stools for my tablescape idea and then moved on to paint them.

I wanted them to match my farmhouse table for a cohesive look.  I also wanted them to match the red that I was featured heavily in my candy shop look.  AHA!  I knew exactly what to do to make sure they would look right at home on my farmhouse table…I added typography to the top of each one with my favorite homemade red chalk paint.

Here’s how they turned out:

DIY, French, typography, junk, lumber

DIY, French, typography, junk, lumber

DIY, French, typography, junk, lumber

DIY, French, typography, junk, lumber

typography, french, DIY, wooden stool

Be on the look out for more pictures of these cute little tablescape French typography stools from the market this weekend!

Your turn!  Get to bragging and tell us all about your awesome project!

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