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Happy Junk Drunk Link Party!

So how about a junk makeover?  Hooray!


I found this vintage school house chalk board at a thrift shop and hurtled over people and furniture to get to it first.  I knew exactly how I wanted to use it as soon as I saw it.

I really like the green chalkboard color but not for what I wanted to ultimately do with it.  I grabbed some black chalkboard paint and painted three layers on it.  I impatiently waited a couple of days to let it cure.  As soon as 24 hours, and not a minute longer, was up, I seasoned the chalkboard with some chalk I had on hand and used a towel to rub the chalk dust around until I felt like the chalk had evenly distributed.  I gave it a good dusting and called my good friend Kaylie Hall at 68 Designs to work her magic on this vintage chalkboard.

Kaylie had recently done a bit of redesigning on my logo and I wanted a version of it to be drawn onto my vintage chalkboard.

chalkboard, chalkboard art, Old House Chic chalkboard art

Kaylie drew what she called a rough draft outline on my vintage chalkboard.  Let me tell you this:  Kaylie’s rough outline is the VERY BEST I could have ever drawn.  She sent me a text about it and I mistakenly thought it was done.

I zoomed over to Kaylie’s house and met her poor husband at the front door who also thought the chalkboard was done and helped me load it into my car…we laughed nervously when one of us accidentally smeared part of the outline.  La Artiste woud not be happy that we messed up her art.  We vowed each other to silence and I drove off, giddy about my fantastic chalkboard art logo.

Later on that night, I got a text message from Kaylie’s husband who sheepishly said that we made a very bad mistake and that Kaylie wasn’t even half done with the chalkboard.

Uh oh.

A second later, I got a text message from Kaylie who issued a very clear command of “BRING IT BACK!!!”

All I could text back was “Yes, ma’am.”

Kaylie’s husband sent a text message a minute later which said, “You should’ve seen her face when I told her you stopped by and picked up the chalkboard.”

She screamed something along the lines of, “IT WASN’T EVEN DONE!!!”

I laughed for so long that I couldn’t even respond.

I received one more text message from Kaylie that issued clear instructions that I wouldn’t dare not follow.

The next morning, bright and early, the chalkboard was waiting for Madam Artiste on her front porch.

Later that day, Kaylie sent me the first photos of her progress…

68 Designs, chalkboard art, chalkboard art logo

I sent a quick text to her husband, who was sitting nearby taking pictures, and told him, since he got us in trouble with Madam Artiste, he needed to take lots of pictures for me.

68 Designs, chalkboard art, chalkboard art logo 68 Designs, chalkboard art, chalkboard art logo

68 Designs, chalkboard art, chalkboard art logo

Kaylie sent a text a couple of hours later and said she was working on the key…

68 Designs, chalkboard art, chalkboard art logo

…and here’s the final reveal of Kaylie’s Chalkboard art masterpiece…

68 Designs, chalkboard art, chalkboard art logo

It took Kaylie no time at all to create a masterpiece and, with one final text, she asked me if the final chalkboard look was better than the outline version that I thought was done.  I was floored at how fantastic an artist Kaylie is and how ignorant her husband and I are to art…ha!  We both promised her we would sign up for Art Appreciation 101 ASAP at the local community college as penance for our mistake…do not cross the artiste.

YOUR TURN!  Join the Junk Drunk Link Party!

If you need a review of what the Junk Drunk Link Party is and how you can party with us, click here.

Now c’mon!  Hop to it! Let’s see your junk transformations!

(So, I’ve done a little switch and gone back to InLinkz for our link party.  Let’s see how that goes and thanks to all of you for hanging in there for my mistakes while I muddle my way through all of this.)

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