Welcome to the first Junk Drunk Link Party!

Junk, Junk Drunk Link Party, Link Party

Wooden cubby made over with a weathered white finish and metal enameled number tags.

What does Junk Drunk mean?

Junk Drunk is being intoxicated by the effects of a good find, snookered over salvage, adrenaline trashed over antiques, pickled over a pick, toasted over a thrift store treasure, drunk over dumpster diving, crazy giddy over stuff on picked up at the curb, gobbered over a garage sale and/or crazed from your CraigsList catch.

Cubby, wooden cubby, junk drunk, Junk Drunk Link Party, link party

If you are ready to party with fellow Junkies and can answer these questions:

 1.  Found a beaten up old chest of drawers on a curb?  A wornout table at the thrift shop?  An unwanted chair in a dumpster?  How about a diamond in the rough on CraigsList?   A piece of salvage at a demolition site?  An unlikely and upcycle worthy object?


2. Did you makeover that chest of drawers from the curb?  Refinish or refurbish the thrift store table?  Fix up that unwanted chair?  Create a new life for your CraigsList item?  Saved your salvage? Upcycled your object to the totally unique?

Then c’mon in!

There are two ways to join:

1. If you have a blog, follow the InLinkz instructions and upload your project by way of your permalink to the particular post featuring your project.


2.  If you do not have a blog, send your project to me by way of email at and I will list it on the Junk Drunk Link Party Post.

So, with out further ado, here is the first Junk Drunk Link Party Attendee.  Please welcome fellow Junkie, Sharon!

Sharon emailed me her project with this description:

Sharon JDLP 1

“These two items are hanging in my guest bathroom.  The cabinets came from my parents 1950’s house.  They remodeled their bathroom and did not throw away the cabinets.  I took the cabinet drawer and placed burlap on the bottom.  The horse comb came from a church rummage sale.  The two cowboy boots were given to me and the barbed wire star was purchased.   I hung it on the wall with the handle down.”

Sharon JDLP 2“I took one of the cabinet doors and painted it with chalkboard paint.  I turned it sideways, threaded jute through the hinges and hung it on the wall.  I had my husband find a rusty nail to hang it on the wall (he asked me twice if I really wanted the rust nail in the newly painted bathroom).   The small star was a Christmas  ornament present.”

Love it, Sharon!  Thanks!

Now it’s your turn!

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