The Junk Addicts Unite Giveaway: Why “Junk Addicts Unite?”


Junk, Junk Addicts, Junk Addicts Unite, Giveaway

Why “Junk Addicts Unite”?

The Junk Addicts Unite part of the t-shirt came from each of you.  We seemed to have formed a community here and the relief and the gratitude I felt from each of your comments made me feel like each of us Junkies needs a little bit of company with like minded individuals and kindred spirits.

Junkies- YOU- are nothing if not open minded, encouraging, creative, self driven visionaries that don’t mind taking a chance and stepping way out on that limb to see what might happen.  So, we unite in this and in our addiction to not just the junk but in the creative energy behind the junk.  That zing you feel when you rescue junk- that is your creative engine firing up and propelling your visions forward to whatever reality you are aiming towards.  I cannot think of better individuals to be in the company of than each of you.  Makes you want to stand up and applaud for each other, doesn’t it?

Junk Addicts, Junk Addicts Unite, Giveaway

Today is the last chance to win the Junk Addicts Unite Giveaway!  The giveaway closes tonight at 11:59pm.

Good Luck!

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